ParentsWithApps members heading to DC to talk with Congress

Next week several of us are traveling to Washington to meet with my elected officials and educate them about the growing mobile economy and tech innovation.

We’ll be joining up with leading entrepreneurs from across the country to participate in the Association for Competitive Technology Washington Fly-In. Around 50 of us will descend on the nation’s capital to help lawmakers recognize the incredible impact that small technology companies are having on our nation’s economy.

More than three-quarters of the most successful companies in the mobile software industry are small businesses – and apps are now a $68 billion marketplace. No one talked about apps six years ago, but now a whole ecosystem has emerged creating jobs for software developers, engineers, graphic artists, marketing professionals, and administrative personnel.

We will discuss with lawmakers important issues such as intellectual property and patent reform, data security and privacy, and regulatory obstacles to growth. We also look to areas where technology and policy can combine to meet the needs of industry and consumers.

These are all important issues that the federal government is facing. The outcomes really matter to our community and that is why we are making sure our voices are heard. Hopefully, an informed Congress will allow companies like ours to continue to flourish.

Parental Gates standards from Apple

Parental GatesParental gates are used in apps targeted towards kids to prevent them from engaging in commerce or following links out of an app to websites, social networks, or other apps without the knowledge of their parent or guardian. A parental gate presents an adult level task which must be completed in order to continue.

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Happy Pi Day!

The United States Congress officially recognized March 14th for its mathematical significance as Pi 3.14-ish in an effort to promote the importance of math and science education to a knowledge-based economy. ACT remains a strong advocate for Pi Day and for pie.

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How Delta succeeds on the App Store

Some industries see companies effectively leveraging their brands in the mobile space – the airline industry is not among them.In the category of Top Free iPhone Travel Apps, there are only two airlines in the top ten with the highest company being Delta in the seventh spot. Compare this to Top Free iPhone Lifestyle Apps, where seven of the top ten are shopping companies with big brands taking up seven of the top eight spots.

via The Insider – Oct 17, ’13 – MobileDevHQ.

Steve Jobs’ long lost time capsule FINALLY found after organizers forgot where it was | Mail Online

Steve Jobs’ long lost time capsule FINALLY found after organizers forgot where it was | Mail Online.

A time capsule buried by Apple founder Steve Jobs 20 years ago has been discovered after its location was long forgotten.

In 1983, the young tech innovator was attending a conference in Aspen when he and the group decided to bury as a stunt during a design convention.

The tube that was filled with an eclectic collection of goods- ranging from the then-new apple mouse to a six-pack of beer for the people who discovered the time capsule- was meant to be dug up 20 years later.


How to Optimize Your App Marketing by Chad Mureta ~ App Annie Blog

How to Optimize your App Marketing and Drive Downloads

In this guide Chad Mureta covers the essentials of app marketing and how it can be optimized.

By Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta is author of App Empire and founder of three mobile application businesses that he sold for millions. He has spearheaded the development and marketing of over 60 apps, which have been downloaded over 50 million times worldwide. He’s been featured on 60 Minutes, Tech Crunch, and The Four Hour Work Week. App Empire has been a proud customer of App Annie for over two years as Chad has worked with indie developers and small companies to position them as forerunners in the mobile app marketplace.

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