We are a global group of parent app developers seeking to create and share fun, family friendly & educational apps with other families, teachers, therapists and the children we love.

Ways to get involved:

Parents With Apps Forum

The Parents With Apps Forum is an online meeting place where developers, parents and community participants can come together for the purpose of sharing ideas and information relating to educational mobile technology and its impact on children.  The public section of the forum includes family app news and product announcements, as well as discussion topics of interest to developers, parents and educators.  We plan to expand our forum even more to encourage involvement and collaboration among developers, parents, educators and therapists for the purpose of creating high quality educational apps for our children.   If you are interested in becoming more involved or serving as a moderator in one of our forums, please contact Scott Weiner, our forum administrator.

Parents With Apps Social Media

Join PWA on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news and product announcements from our group.  Our developers also actively participate in App Friday and other app promotions and giveaways that we will share with the community on Facebook and Twitter.

Feel free to share news with our community by posting on our Facebook wall and in our forum.  Product announcements posted in our forum will also be shared by our moderators via social media.